Monday, October 04, 2010

Science of Mind: How to Use It

One of the greatest difficulties in New Thought is that we are far too likely to indulge largely in theory and too little in practice. We only know as much as we can prove to ourselves. Theory always goes beyond application; otherwise there can be no progress in science. Since all of the Science of Mind (SOM) principles are intangible, it therefore requires practical application in our field. Why? Because every demonstration adds to our belief that mental or spiritual thought has a supremacy over any apparent material resistance.

SOM teaches the perfection of each of us, but requires that we acknowledge the reality of where we are. This means to recognize what is currently going on with us, our lives or our bodies. This is different from some other groups who also practice mental healing through the use of the denial of disease or any condition. Here is what Dr. Holmes had to say about this: “It is easy enough to rush about shouting that there are no sick people, but this will never heal those who appear to be sick.” We must prove the Law by our actions and demonstrations, not merely announce a principle like some town crier.

Trained thought is more powerful than untrained thought – not that there is more power for one person than another, but that the one making more use of a force available to everyone is going to have better results. As we train our conscious thought, as it becomes stronger, we must also guard our subconscious thoughts, as they too have more power. Why? Because this Power is working for us by working through us. We use the universal power to guide and improve our life by making conscious choices in line with our desires, as opposed to letting events happen to us.

Our standard is one of perfection. Scripture records Jesus the Christ as having said, “You must accordingly be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect.” That grates on most people because in our culture people equate being perfect without making any mistakes, which is ridiculous because we make mistakes all the time. The English word “perfect” comes from two Latin words, “per” and “facare” – literally, to be thoroughly done. A tuxedo is perfect for the opera, not for shoveling snow. Just because we do not use it for shoveling snow does not mean it is not perfect for some other activity. We strive to be able to look at a wrong condition – meaning one we want to change – with the knowledge that it can change. How can we believe this? The realization that we have this ability must be gained by the application of our knowledge, and sometimes we do that through our mistakes.

How do we do this? Remember, “Practice makes perfect”? Just do it! Practice. Let us say you are currently experiencing what we call lack, not a stretch for many people if we believe the news about the global economic situation. You know this condition is not in accord with God, or at least that is what I believe and teach. Spirit imposes no limitation, and the Universe is abundant. There is no real law to support poverty, other than the fact that the Law is responding in accord with our belief in poverty or lack. So we do a spiritual mind treatment, or affirmative prayer, and this is how it is done: You begin with Recognition about God/Spirit/Higher Power in Its vastness, Its unlimited potential. Then, relax into the Unification with that Power. Now you are in agreement that God is expressing as you. The third step, that of the Realization of your desire, is to speak the Word of God for what you want. See it not as coming to you, as if it is far off, but embody it in the now, stating that it is already an accomplished idea in the Mind of God. When you experience a feeling of peace, give Thanks, and Release it for demonstration. Then get up and go about your business. Do not get up and start worrying. If you would like an example of a spiritual mind treatment about something which is concerning you, call me at 717.645.8885, or email me at: and I will be happy to demonstrate this process for you personally!

Our environment may do anything but encourage us to change, to better ourselves. The newscasts are usually pretty grim. Be willing to frame your experiences differently. “So cold outside” vs. “So crisp, so alive!” “So dark during the winter” vs. “I have so much more time to read now and stay in to enjoy my home and cats.” “So gray and bleak” vs. “Snow is so white and sparkly!” (Okay, not so much when I’m shoveling it!) If you do this you run the risk of being labeled a “Pollyanna.” That is not really so bad. Would you rather be known as someone up and happy, or gloomy and down, like Eeyore, the gloomy donkey from Winnie the Pooh stories who keeps losing his tail? The Eeyore consciousness: Walking around the world with your tail falling off. “Change your thinking, change your life” – Dr. Holmes.

Treatment always works. Prayers are always answered. The Truth is instantaneous in Its demonstration, taking only as much time in Its unfoldment as is inherent in the Law for a logical and sequential evolution of events. The healing, or demonstration, takes place as our minds become attuned to the truth of Being. “There is no process of healing, but there is generally a process in healing,” says Dr. Holmes. The process is the time it takes and is in exact proportion to our realization of Truth.

If you wish to practice this Science, then take time daily to mediate and mentally treat your thinking about the condition, no matter what the apparent contradictions may be. Work silently and privately with the Law, and the Law will find an inlet by means of your faith. By doing so you are aligning yourself with the harmony of the Universe. Meditation and treatment are to be entered into with ease and grace – not forcing things or outlining exactly how the Universe is to produce the desired result. The Universe already knows how to do whatever it is we are asking it to accomplish. “We do not put the power into this Word, but we do let the power of the Law flow through it,” says Dr. Holmes, “and the one who most completely believes in this power will produce the best results. This is the Law of Cause and Effect.”

The 21st century will see the end of many old religions, deadly prejudices and paralyzing fears. What we will see in their place is a new science, a new religion and a new philosophy. I believe strongly in the Science of Mind and the mission of the organizations who practice this philosophy. I believe it to be a science, a religion and a philosophy for the 21st century. It is not THE way for I do not teach that there is only one path to enlightenment. But it is a way, it is my way and it is the teaching you will hear about in my blogs and hopefully in upcoming classes here in Harrisburg at the New Thought Center of Center PA. It is my joy to share a more positive outlook of life with people. If you felt a connection to what you have read in this four-part series, let me know and keep in touch!

Dr. Terry


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