Thursday, October 13, 2011

What's Next?

There are very few “overnight sensations” in Nashville. Most of the “new” performers and acts have actually been around for years, sometimes decades, working honky-tonk after honky-tonk. Often they have barely gotten by.

Successful people are highly motivated to work tirelessly to reach their goals, yet their accomplishments can look so easy. In truth it should be easy. Success is not something that is an elusive, unattainable dream. If we truly believe in the Law of Cause and Effect we know how to focus our minds on the expected results, not all the reasons why we cannot attain what we desire. We know how to allow Spirit to move through us to manifest those desires.

Manifestation is Science of Mind 101. We don’t believe we can have everything we want; Ernest Holmes said if humans could do that it would not bode well! However, we learn early on in the study of metaphysics that there is a Law of Good in the universe and we have every divine right to use it and enjoy the benefits. The first part is simple for any practitioner of this philosophy. The latter, however, can be a different story, since simple doesn’t mean easy.

Enjoying the benefits of success is difficult for many of us. Perhaps our reluctance to enjoy our good work comes from the medieval pro-Church teaching preached in many churches that to be approved of by God we must be poor and martyred. This is the opposite of what the Bible says. The Old Testament God Jehovah challenged his people to put Him to the test to provide for them. The Great Teacher, Jesus, said to ask of the Father and we would receive.

Receiving is a good thing, be it praise, position or material belongings. Once we have walked the long path to our goals it behooves us to take the time to celebrate those wins, acknowledge our work, and know that a Power greater than we can imagine has expressed life through us as no one else can.

I teach people to write down three separate lists at least twice a year. Those are: What you want in your life; what you don’t want in your life; and, most important, all the people, places, things and beliefs for which you are grateful. Take a few minutes over the next three days to write at least one list per day. Then on the third day, rejoice and celebrate your accomplishment!

In Spirit, Truth and Playfulness,


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