Friday, February 08, 2013

Blessing Our Way to Happiness

It is said that what we resist persists. The implication is that if we want to get rid of the problem we need to stop fighting against it so hard. But it can also sound like not resisting is tantamount to rolling over and giving up, which gets our ego in a total tizzy. Surrendering our ego doesn’t have to mean giving up either our values or our character.
            Adopting an attitude of acceptance about a person, situation or philosophy is possible without discarding our own views or personality. There is a balance between acceptance of a situation and giving up the authenticity of who we are as individuals. That balance is the realization that we cannot please everyone, nor will everyone please us. There’s no shame in that fact, but if we lean toward or embrace the category of a people pleaser we can get ourselves in quite a mess.
            We often do things that annoy others. For example, I’ve learned not to crack my knuckles around the house. Neither is it a good idea for me to attempt to dunk my cookies in someone else’s milk. Guess it’s a cultural thing that central Pennsylvanian’s like to have their own glass. Back at the trailer park no one cared. You get the point.
            If we meet adverse situations or individuals in our lives with resistance and rigidity it will be like banging our head against a boulder. The boulder won’t budge and we’ll only hurt ourselves. Instead, blessing the situation and loving the person – knowing that everyone is doing the very best they can with what they have to work with and from – will result in a softening of the situation and a lot less stress. Boulders have a way of staying put. That’s fine. We can ineffectively resist that fact to our determent. Or, we can go around, over or under the obstacle, resulting in us reaching our goal. Either way, the boulder really doesn’t care.
            You may be thinking of a boulder or boulders in your life right now. Soften your perception of the state of affairs and bless yourself out of the conflict. The only thing standing in the way of our happiness in this situation is our ego. Thank the ego for its service to you and then choose the path to happiness, blessing your way to happiness.

In Spirit, Truth and Playfulness,
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