Friday, April 05, 2013

Level 28

I’ve never been into video games much, unless you count “Pong” (yes, I AM that old) or the original “Pac Man” (ditto on the age thing). I have been known to download a game app or two to my smart phone or tablet. It’s a great way to pass the time when I’m stuck somewhere. It was recently pointed out to me that I really don’t need to work constantly. My game aps are a means for me to do something that is relaxing, completely selfish and enjoyable!

I currently have 14 games going with people in “Words with Friends” and I’m up to Level 28 in “Bubble World.” I’ve been stuck on Level 28 for over a week and it’s really beginning to tick me off. Once I get to Level 29 I ain’t goin’ back for anyone!

That made me think about how often I have chosen to go backward instead of forward in life. I work out hard for a couple of weeks and watch the pounds drop off, but then fall back into old eating habits. I carefully watch my thoughts, yet find myself engaging in old communication patterns with friends or partners because it’s comfortable and familiar.

Being in a Level 28 position in life doesn’t make us better than those at Level 27 or below, nor does it make us inferior to those Level 29 and above folks. Whatever labels we associate with our lives simply indicate where we are in the game of life, or more accurately, where we think we are. As we gain new levels of expertise in life we acquire new thinking patterns, new skills and perhaps even some wisdom. We must continue to practice our new skills lest we backslide into old thought patterns.

It’s far easier, however, to make ourselves comfortable with others, becoming a chameleon of sorts. For example, we know racial slurs, ethnic jokes and humor about gender orientation are unkind and a sign of ignorance, but when around less educated people we might choose to laugh along. Students, particularly the popular ones, know when bullying is happening, yet may say nothing when faced with a less popular student being poked fun at.

We have an obligation to be just as gorgeous, handsome, intelligent, wise, rich and spiritual conscious as we have the willingness to attain. We don’t get to enjoy those experiences by going backwards, nor do we help the forward movement of evolution on our planet by being any less than we have become. We can help others not quite up to where we are by setting the example, not joining the crowd.

Be confident and proud of who you are and to where you’ve arrived at this point in life. Don’t let anyone knock you down even one level. Reach back and help someone forward. And when the person ahead of you in life reaches back for your hand, let go of your pride, grab ahold and hang on for the ride of your life!

In Spirit, Truth and Playfulness,

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