Saturday, October 26, 2013

What Really Matters

There is so much going around me in my world. I suppose the blessing is that most of it is going around me and not going through me. It reminds me of how a common phrase in Christianity to “be in the world, but not of it” can have application in our lives. How does that work?

Part of the ability to stay focused and centered in the midst of chaos is dependent upon the foundation by which we live. I have a wide variety of spiritual interests, but the foundation allowing me this peace of mind about which I speak is the Science of Mind philosophy created by Ernest Holmes. That foundation provides the means to anchor me to a higher truth. When world events or family disputes arise it allows me to be centered.

The way I maintain my center is not the way you may maintain yours. Perhaps you are a practicing Roman Catholic, Buddhist, Jew or Muslim. Is that your center, your true foundation? It may be, or it may not be. Often people revert back to the religion or spiritual practice of their youth when faced with opposition or tragedy. But what if we no longer subscribe to that belief system?

Each week in my blog I offer you a question to ponder or a challenge to undertake should you desire to do so. This week is no different. I challenge you this week to define the foundation by which you live that will allow you peace of mind in the turmoil of our current events. Don’t be too quick with your answer. Take some time and really think about the principles by which you live. The final answer may surprise you.

Are you feeling the effect of the government shutdown as evidenced by your worrying about the future? Have you allowed the government, the congress, a political party or particular politicians to decide for you what kind of a day you will have, or if you will get a good night’s rest? If your belief system is built on a firm foundation you will not be so moved.

If not, you will find yourself thrown about like a small boat on the rough sea. But before you can answer those questions you must determine exactly what it is you have based your life upon. What are your guiding principles? What is the source of your strength in times of need?

Find that, believe in that, remember that, and call upon that and you will never again feel at the whim of others.

In Spirit, Truth and Playfulness,


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