Friday, May 18, 2012

Cash, Check or EZPass?

I use the Pennsylvania Turnpike quite a bit. In fact, since I moved back to the eastern part of the United States over ten years ago, I’ve used a number of toll roads, bridges and tunnels regularly. Knowing this would be the case, one of the first things I did when I returned to the East was sign up for the EZPass system.

This “drive through lane” or “whisk through the express” method of paying tolls saves me a tremendous amount of time and money. I don’t have to sit in lines waiting to pay, fumbling for the change or a credit card. I also get a substantial discount by using the system.

What amazes me is the number of people I see in the long lines who choose to continue paying cash or charging their tolls in person. I’m sure many of them pay the tolls as much or more than me, so why would they not make a simple call or go online to secure the account and use EZPass?

I suppose (and now you’ll understand why I’m using this long example) that it’s the very same reason we prefer to complain about our other problems and yet not reach out for prayer support to actually do something to change our situation. It’s the same reason we keep doing the same things over and over again and expect different results.

Those reasons are, (1) our ego, and, (2) a desire to stay stuck. Our ego must be right; it demands it every time. Normally that’s a good thing because our ego is part of the mechanism we have for realizing that the stove is hot and we need to move our hand. It’s just that our ego has a whole lot of pride, an unnecessary need to think that it’s right all the time and a relentless need to be in charge. It’s time to thank your ego for its service, but put it on notice that you – not it – are the one who makes the decisions for your life.

Second, if we are stuck we’re receiving a payoff, meaning in spite of the fact that the situation sucks in some way we’re getting something out of not getting what we want. I know this sounds counterproductive, perhaps even a little cold and unfeeling, but it’s true. There’s a payoff in being a victim because we get sympathy from those clouded enough in their reasoning to actually buy into our nonsense. We also get to stop ourselves from being the true lights we are in the Universe. After all, if we are stuck in the mud it’s pretty darn hard to shine like a star.

Take a moment this week to see if your problems could use an “EZPass” solution. We do not pray “hoping” the prayer will be answered. Rather, we pray because we know the answer is already in the prayer. It’s free. Remember, there’s no roaming charge for God.

In Spirit, Truth and Playfulness,

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