Thursday, May 02, 2013

Be Yourself

                We humans seem to have a tremendous need for acceptance. Teens seem to have it the worst. Middle school and high school are times when kids are beginning to find their own voice and their own way in the world. They are developing their individuality and seeking to be independent. At the same time, however, they often desperately seek inclusion in peer groups by acting, dressing and speaking like their fellow classmates to appear “normal” or acceptable.
                Organizations can fall prey to the same need for acceptance. The New Thought movement has been plagued with an adolescent need for approval ever since I’ve been involved with it. Why is it that people who have a unique, scientific and spiritual path spend so much time trying to be accepted by mainstream Christianity? Our churches and centers seem to go out of their way to get other churches to like us or be our buddies. Why?
                It’s not like we’re there to get people upset, but we are never going to effectively shout out our teachings to the world while trying to water it down to be palatable for people who have no interest in our way of life. Another minister recently made the comment that we can “try so hard to be everything to everyone that we become nothing to nobody.”
                Our churches and centers should stand out as different. We are, and we should be proud of it. We don’t believe in being the victim of others and fully take responsibility for our lives and actions. Even considering that kind of life virtually terrifies the snot out of most people. None of us are the same. We are all individualized manifestations of the Divine, so why on earth would we want to be like everyone else? It is when we stop being who we are that we become depressed, stressed out, angry and frustrated. If we, as a people or as organizations, are not being who we truly are at our core level, then we are robbing humanity of the unique expression of God that we are.
                There’s only one “you.” Please share it with us, no holds barred, dancing like no one is watching and full-tilt boogey! See? Doesn’t that feel better now?

In Spirit, Truth and Playfulness,

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