Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Accepting Happiness

The Universe is here to support us. One friend of mine used to say we live in a “user-friendly” Universe. We have the ability to speak our word, to exercise our belief through faith that God knows how to produce the result, and to allow ourselves to be guided to our next step in the process.

There’s one little problem in that scenario:  Our ability to accept our good. Have you ever prayed fervently, perhaps for a long period of time, only to have the answer to your prayers show up in a way you didn’t expect? I mean in a way that made you stop and think, “WAIT a minute!”

It’s happened to me. I usually have an idea of how I expect my prayers to manifest in my life. There have been times, however, that the manifestation is so far from what I was expecting that I was unwilling to accept my own happiness. Do you know what I mean?

I’m not even sure as I write this that I am explaining myself sufficiently. What I do know is whenever I have decided Spirit/God sent the wrong package, the incorrect size or the delivery method was unusual, I have later regretted my decision to refuse delivery. Who are we to refuse our good – the path to our happiness?

My dear friend and teacher, the late Rev. Helen Street, used to tell people, “We’re dealing with Infinite Intelligence – NOT Big Dummy in the Sky!” Our egos want to have control over every little detail, when in truth our egos usually don’t have a clue how our desires can work out for our highest good.

Take a look at the good around you that you may have been ignoring because the packaging wasn’t what you were expecting. Open yourself up to receive your good. You might just find yourself surprised beyond belief!

In Spirit, Truth and Playfulness,

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