Thursday, June 13, 2013

Moving Through Pain

I believe in and teach to others the Science of Mind® philosophy as created by Ernest Holmes. This unique blending of spirituality, science and philosophy has been the guiding force in my life for nearly thirty years. One of the foundations of this teaching is a type of affirmative prayer called “spiritual mind treatment.”

When we pray we don’t do anything to God. The real purpose for prayer is to change our consciousness so that we are receptive to the blessings of the Universe and to recognize the answers to our questions, challenges and problems. Some people might think just because we have this wonderful teaching and a terrific tool called treatment that we shouldn’t have any problems or be sad about situations in our life.

As one of my southern friends might say, “Well, sugar booger (that’s a term of endearment, BTW), life just ain’t like that!” And you know what? She’s right. We can recognize the absolute perfection of God/Spirit/the Universe, but as spiritual beings having a human experience we can get very muddled in the physical and emotional “stuff” at times. When that happens we may need a little time to mope about, feel sad, and take the time to heal. We can’t always predict our emotions. A fellow minister I know is currently on a trip in Asia where he has taken messages from people to a sacred spot to be offered up as a release to those who have departed this realm. He recently shared how overcome with emotion he was after doing this. What a gift he has given himself and all those who participated to release these emotions and energy!

I’m deeply moved when I see other spiritual leaders admit their own emotions, but doing so can be difficult for the people who have placed their minister or spiritual guide on a pedestal. We often do this to our leaders – spiritual or otherwise – and somehow expect them to not have “our” problems. Yesterday I posted a poem on my Facebook account. Some people take trips to sacred places; I write. I was expressing my deep sadness of the loss of a relationship. My friend will still be a peripheral part of my life, but we will no longer have the intimate relationship I’d come to enjoy. These things happen. People change and go their separate ways. That doesn’t mean just because we live by a spiritual code that it doesn’t hurt like someone stabbed us … repeatedly.

What surprised me was the response I received from people. I was touched by the concern of so many people who wrote on my wall, sent a private message, or contacted me by text or email. Some asked if my primarily relationship had ended; others were concerned for my safety feeling I might be depressed enough to harm myself; and, still others wanted me to get better … quickly … because they aren’t comfortable if I’m not happy. I thought about taking the poem off my page, but I didn’t want to erase what I shared just because it was difficult for some people to believe that I – of all people! – had personal problems or grief from time-to-time.

Perhaps that’s a result of my current mission to live more authentically that I ever have in the past. I’m 58 years old, 6 foot 2 and weigh in at around 200 (okay, okay….206….whatever…), and I’m finally beginning to realize that I don’t have to be afraid of anyone or what they think, that I most definitely MUST be the religious science minister/spiritual leader that I am, and that if people don’t like the authentic me then I wish them well to go their own way. I refuse to change who I am anymore just to make my other people comfortable. I don’t go out of my way to tick people off, but it does happen … occasionally.

The philosophy in which I believe and teach saved my life in 1985 … literally. If it weren’t for this teaching I would have died. I don’t write weekly, speak on Sundays, teach classes or counsel people because I have all the answers. Do I know how things will work out in your life or mine, I mean exactly how? Nope. The “how” is God’s job. I do what I do because I’ve been in the “dark valley of the soul” more times than I can count and because of this incredible teaching I know the way out is the way through. The tool that makes this possible is spiritual mind treatment, the most effective, incredibly simple and immediate process of changing our life situations to which I have ever come into contact.

This week be willing to face a dark area of your life. Practice unconditional love for yourself and others, and know that in doing so you will come out the other side to light, love and your own magnificence. If you want help with that, email me. I’d be delighted to write a treatment for you.

In Spirit, Truth and Playfulness,

P.S.  If you’re not on Facebook, here is the poem to which I refer to above:

When A Dream Dies

When a dream dies,
When we love deeply,
With all our heart,
It may mean that we will
Experience a pain that runs as
Deep as the love.
Unconditional love is Divine,
But when practiced by humans
The pain of doing so
May feel

- Terry Drew Karanen (c) 2013

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